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Carrot-Ginger Soup (with apple!)

My work schedule seems to come in extremes. For 5 days straight, I worked a total of 64 hours, 6 hours volunteering, 8 hours attending events for the amazing Thirst Boston. It’s Boston’s premier cocktail/drink education weekend…. and it’s fantastic. … Continue reading

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Apple Cider Spiced Mezcal Cocktail

Okay. So this time it’s not my fault I haven’t blogged in 3 weeks. My iPhoto wouldn’t load and I couldn’t get to Apple for a bit. But thats okay! because I have a bunch of recipes/photos to share with … Continue reading

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Squat challenge and SUSHI!

Squat challenge halfway done!!! Oh man. I admit that 150 squats is HARD. My legs are sore but it feels so good. I can feel my body getting tighter and it’s fantastic. I feel stronger. After this intense month squat … Continue reading

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Giant Corn ‘n Rice Salad

I told ya’ll in a recent post that there are a few things I’m working on in my life. Ways to improve my own quality of life and those around me. One of them being, eating healthier and not eating … Continue reading

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I’ve doing a bit of soul searching these past few months. I’ve been reading and re-reading some of my favorite bloggers/writers/mentors/books/articles etc and really trying to get my bearings together in life. I’ve pretty much taken off the past 6 … Continue reading

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Potato Chip Reese

I’ve been trying really hard not to eat at the bars/restaurants I work at lately. I’ve been cooking (and taking pictures!) up a storm in my kitchen and am uber excited to show all that to you. But lately I’ve … Continue reading

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Stuffed Shells

As I have told you many times before. I am Italian. Well, I’m a mutt but my dad is 100% Italian; which puts that heritage at the top of the percentage list and overall is the one I identify with … Continue reading

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Portland, Maine

In my last post I spilled the beans on this new man in my life. He’s quite wonderful. We’ve been together for 6 months and he’s pretty much commandeered the right side of my apartment. I love it. Maybe I’ll … Continue reading

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Chorizo-Veggie Egg Cups

Guess who’s back, guess who’s back…. guess who’s backkkkkkk? So many different things have been going on. The new bar, new boyfriend, finding a new apartment. Traveling a wee-bit to new cities and towns in New England. You know, life … Continue reading

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Honey BBQ Frito Baked Chicken Fingers

Two back to back posts?! Man! Being unemployed blows. Not that I don’t love cooking and blogging for you guys. But really, I am SO BORED. I am so incredibly ready to start working. Right now, my life mainly includes … Continue reading

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