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Blogger Spotlight: Caitlin Croswell

Hey ya’ll! This is a new kind of post for me. In the past few months I’ve made lots of amazing new friends and some of them are really great food, fashion, fitness and lifestyle bloggers. Here is one of … Continue reading

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Egg Stuffed Pepper

It’s Wednesday and you know what that means? DAY OFF! I work Saturday through Tuesday normally and Wednesday is my first day off and generally the day I get about 90% of the things on my to-do list done. I … Continue reading

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Baking Lesson Thursday – Know Your OvenĀ 

I have a ton of friends who excitedly text me pictures of their latest kitchen accomplishments. My dad is also an offender here. And in turn, I looooooove getting the pictures people send me about what they’re cooking or baking! … Continue reading

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Pesto-Meatball-Eggie Breakfast Pockets

Me and egg breakfasts. I know, how many dang egg breakfasts can this girl possible post? SO MANY! I HAVE SO SO MANY!!! I just love making eggs. For breakfast, or lunch or dinner or at 4am when I get … Continue reading

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Closet Cravings

Ok, I normally don’t post a ton about fashion, beauty and makeup because… well… it isn’t really my fortay. But my awesome friend from PUT THIS ON YOUR FACE has always been my guru and always encouraged me to branch … Continue reading

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Easy, Everyday Stir Fry

Cooking dinner at home is sometimes hard. When I grew up, my moms answer to “what’s for dinner?” when she didn’t know was “chicken something.” That meant she was going to cook chicken and something else andĀ  that would make … Continue reading

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Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookies

I have such a sweet tooth. It’s terrible completely awesome. There’s just some feel good feeling of cookies, brownies, ice cream sundaes. They remind me of rec soccer and going to Bedford Farms with Mrs. Amato (my second mom growing … Continue reading

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Edamame’s**My fav snack

I’d say about 3x a week boyfriend and I order sushi. Spicy Tuna Roll. Spicy Salmon Roll. Brown rice with the sushi…. duhhh and a side of steamed edamame. THE BEST. I love it. I love, love it. I am … Continue reading

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Summer Mozz & Veggie Salad

OMG SUMMER IS HEREEEEE. I mean, kinda. It was 45 today and IT’S SUMMER. Right? That’s was it means? But seriously, it was really hard to come back from St John to 18 degree weather. So when mother-nature decided to … Continue reading

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More on St John

The trip to and from st john was utter hell. HELL I tell you. Flights in both directions were delayed and each way was about a 16 hour travel time. SIXTEEN HOURS. That’s enough sleep for TWO DAYS. But no, … Continue reading

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